A True Story

A True Story

I am starting a clothing brand. I don't know why but I spent a lot of time in places I shouldn't have been. Thinking to myself that it's time for me to go legit.

It's probably why I stopped Youtubing. It's probably why I never really hit it off on YouTube. Every time I stop uploading, I know I'm in a bad place.

Starting a T-shirt business became my secret escape. I was finally able to make an honest living. A true self-improvement documentary about starting a clothing line. I tried my whole life to do it the hova way.

The easy way. But the easy way is not always the "easiest." The irony, easy money, fast money, can give you a hard time.

So it was time to grow up. It was time to be true to myself and true to my brand.

The AbleRxcipe, your secret ingredient, a service done for you. & sometimes, by you.